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Phaseolus vulgaris


Zawadi is a beautiful, purple-speckled bean of the 'kablanketi'-type that is popular in Tanzania. Kablanketi, the Swahili word for 'blanket', alludes to the history of these beans, which are suspected to have traveled with migrant mining workers from Malawi to Tanzania. Along with the kablanketi beans, the migrants brought blankets of similar colors back with them. 


Kablanketi beans gained popularity due to their taste and quicker cooking time. Zawadi, a produce of the Bean Breeding Programme at Sokoine University of Agriculture, holds true to this reputation of taste and cooking ease, and is one of the more unique beans in our kitchen and seed library.


Zawadi has moderate resistance to rust. It responds poorly to drought, so be sure to avoid water-stress with this variety!


Packet size: 60 seeds


DTM: 85-90 days

Bean - Zawadi

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