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Our Team


Jack Richardson

Jack planted his first melon patch at 9 at his parents farm. It wasn't successful. but each year he tried again, until he had developed a consistent approach that yielded a successful crop every year. Jack has continued growing fruits and vegetables at his family's organic farm in Oregon for over 15 years.

Favorite Crops:

Melons & Watermelons


Hayley Park Richardson

Hayley is an entrepreneur and scientist with experience working on vegetable, flower & seed farms. She holds a Masters degree in Plant Breeding and Genetics from Oregon State University, where her research focused on breeding plants for organic systems and plant-microbe interactions.


For Hayley, sowing seeds is the most reassuring act of her work. Over several years working with seed in both field and laboratory situations, she has developed a skill for assessing seed quality.

Favorite Crops:

Beans, Currant Tomatoes, Daikon Radish, & Indigo


Sophie the Dog

Sophie has served our team as a receptionist and customer service specialist from day one. Her enthusiasm for meeting new customers is unrivaled.

Favorite Crop:



Garbanzo the Cat

Garbanzo is the youngest and newest addition to our team. After his first year of interning with us, he has decided that tillage is his main passion and will be working with us to keep our soils well aerated.

Favorite Crop:


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