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Phaseolus vulgaris


Puebla 152 is a Mexican landrace variety, which became known to commerical bean breeders for its resistance to root rot.


Landrace varieties have been broadly selected within an environment for long periods of time, which is the traditional way in which humans have "bred" crop varieties. Typically, landrace varieties have a little bit of wildness to them. With Puebla 152, you might see this show up as differences in the length of the bean vines, or variable flower color. Rest assured, this is part of the magic of this variety.


If you see something you like when growing these beans, consider saving that seed and replanting! That way you can join in the story of this landrace variety, and create something that is well adapted to your own micro-climate.


Puebla 152 does not currently have any resistance to BCMV, so be mindful of any signs of disease in your plants and consider treating for aphids to avoid the spread of disease.


Packet size: 60 seeds


DTM: 90 days

Bean - Puebla 152

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