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Phaseolus vulgaris


Nodak Pinto gets its name from the state of North Dakota, but the variety is actually a powerhouse for a much wider spread of northern climates. It was released in 1984 from a collaborative breeding project between USDA experimental stations in Washington, Idaho, and North Dakota. 


While Nodak Pinto was originally selected for its high yields in comparison with other pintos at the time, we love it for the dainty appearance of the beans. Slightly smaller than other pintos with tightly distributed spots and stripes, Nodak Pinto holds its own as a very pretty bean.


Nodak Pinto is a comparatively early maturing vining pinto. It has resistance to several races of BCMV and curly top virus. It is also moderately tolerant of rust.


Packet size: 75 seeds


DTM: 95-100 days

Bean - Nodak Pinto

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