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Phaseolus vulgaris


Jumbo is one of the only beans we grow that is considered "dual-use." This means that you can grow it as a snap bean, or as a dry bean! This bean is a cross between Romano and Kentucky Wonder.


While we are partial to the huge, creamy dry beans, there's also a lot to love about the tender, Romano-type pods of these beans earlier in the summer. If growing for edible pods, pick the beans when pods are 6-7" long to avoid stringiness. 


Many dual-use beans can be tough to thresh (the process of removing the dried pod from the bean at the end of the season), but we've found Jumbo to be a bit easier to work with than other dual-use beans.


Jumbo is resistant to BCMV.


Packet size: 50 seeds


DTM: 55 days (snap bean), 95 days (dry bean)

Bean - Jumbo

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