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Beans, Vegetables & Flowers:
Seeds & Transplants


Our Goal

We strive to grow seeds and products that set our customers up for success, whether this is your very first garden or you're a well-seasoned green thumb.

The varieties we offer are those that we fell in love with, either for their beauty, flavor, or uniqueness.


Our Seeds

Seeds are a sign of hope and belief in the future. They hold the promise of beauty and nutrition, but can be an art piece on their own. 

We strive to offer varieties that are reliable and productive, and we'll never recommend anything we haven't grown in our our fields and gardens.

Check out our list of our seed offerings below.

Our Transplants

Sometimes gardening is frustrating, especially for those with limited space or short seasons.

For that reason, we offer a wide variety of garden starts that help you get started on a strong and healthy note.

All of our plants are sold in biodegradable Cowpots, because we believe that gardening should not require plastic.

In 2023 plants will be sold at the Organic Redneck Farmstand, at 44382 McKenzie Highway

Leaburg, OR 97489.

The farmstand is currently closed for the season but will be reopening in May! Stay tuned for more details on where and when you can find our starts this year.

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44382 McKenzie Hwy

Walterville, OR 97489


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