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Papaver rhoeas


Is it excessive to say we fell in love with Falling in Love? Probably.


But these Shirley poppys immediately won us over with their sweet & delicate blossoms. To top it off they bloom for over two months, and literally vibrate with pollinator activity every morning. Falling in Love, and other Shirley poppys, tend to have a shorter stature, making them a great addition to both ornamental and cutting flower gardens.


When sowing poppy seeds it may be helpful to cold stratify them to improve germination. To do this you will sow seeds normally, water them in, and then place your growing container in a cool place (such as a refrigerator) for 3-4 days before returning to normal growing location.


Packet size: 100 seeds


DTM: 80-90 days

Poppy - Falling in Love